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Ohio's licensed and certified child care providers can use this site to view transactions and attendance reports for all authorized children in their care. Licensed and certified child care providers can contact the CCIDS Help Desk at 1-877-302-2347, option 1, for assistance.

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POS DEVICE ISSUE The Ohio ECC system had connectivity issues with some POS devices yesterday, Wednesday, April 27. These problems were limited to Ethernet POS devices only. Most providers were seeing the attendance swipes going into store and forward (SAF) mode. Please check your attendance swipes in the PWeb to make sure the swipes were released and, if not, you need to do a forced release from SAF mode within 5 days from yesterday. The Ohio ECC Provider User Manual has instructions on pages 23 and 24 regarding SAF mode. If it appears that some attendance transactions were not recorded, the caretakers will need to back-swipe.

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